Find the Quickest, Easiest Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog

There are many different ways you could monetize your website or blog. Possibilities include affiliate marketing, advertising, writing sponsored posts, product sales, ebook sales, sales of services, and drop shipping.

These are not your only options, but they are some of the most popular monetization strategies webmasters are currently using.

We’ve implemented many of these strategies on our own websites, and we’ve decided to use this site as an outlet for sharing what we’ve learned with you. If you want to find the best website monetization strategies, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our latest news — and, of course, to keep reading and discover some of our best tips and ideas on the topic of website monetization.

Monetize a Site With Affiliate Marketing

We’re big fans of affiliate marketing, for a number of reasons. If you’re looking for a business model that gives you plenty of freedom, doesn’t cost much to get started with, and can be insanely lucrative, affiliate marketing is a great place to start your website monetization efforts.

Like any worthwhile pursuit, affiliate marketing does come with a learning curve — but don’t worry. We’ve devoted quite a bit of effort to solving the problems that made affiliate marketing challenging for us in the beginning. We’ve found that many beginning marketers struggled with the same challenges we did, and that these issues are now easily overcome. We’re really excited to share our findings with you. Maybe these discoveries will prove to be helpful to you as well. We hope so!

In the past, one of our biggest complaints about affiliate marketing was how long certain tasks took. Researching and choosing affiliate products took forever. Then coding the affiliate links to those products took even more time. Testing the links was tedious. Maintaining the links was even worse, because they’d break, or the prices would change without us noticing.

We’ve developed some simple tools for automating all these processes, which makes affiliate marketing an even more attractive monetization option than it was for us when we got started. We’re excited to share these tools with you, and we hope you’ll find them to be as valuable as we do.

Meet Easy Monetizer and Site Search Monetizer, two WordPress plugins that will help you automate some of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks that affiliate marketing requires.

Easy Monetizer: The Fastest & Easiest Solution to Earn Passive Affiliate Commissions.

Automate Your Affiliate Linking

Easy Monetizer is a smart, easy way to monetize your website. It takes about 3 minutes to set it up. After setup, you don’t have to do anything else. You can just set it and forget it. The income it earns you is entirely passive.

Best of all, this plugin harnesses’s powerful e-commerce algorithms, enabling you to present your visitors with high converting, targeted affiliate offers that will grab their attention — and introduce an additional hands-free income stream to your website. All you have to do is turn it on and let it work its magic!

How it works: You install the plugin on your WordPress website, activate it and set it up. The plugin does all the hard work for you. When one of your visitors lands on your website, Easy Monetizer will instantly kick into action to transform your web page into the easiest revenue stream ever.

Harness the Power of Amazon

The plugin uses several proprietary methods in conjunction with to query their database and find products best related to your customer’s intent / interests.

Next, the plugin will instantly code and build your affiliate links for you — behind the scenes, and instantaneously. You won’t have to visit to generate the links, or waste time choosing any of the products. The plugin automates all of this for you, based on products that Amazon’s algorithms recommend. We all know that Amazon has mastered the art of product suggestions — increasing the chances your visitor will find products that entice both a clickthrough and a purchase.

When we switched over to using Easy Monetizer on our own websites, we were initially concerned that living humans could probably do a better job of selecting products than a WordPress plugin could. On our websites, these concerns proved to be inconsequential. We found that the plugin was often selecting exactly the same products we were already promoting — a good indicator that it was doing the job well. But unlike the tedious and time consuming processes we had previously been using to create affiliate links on our pages, the plugin required no effort on our part.

In addition to the usual contents of your web page, your visitor will see either a slider or scroller of relevant products available for sale on Amazon. When you set up the plugin, you can choose whether the products will be displayed at the top, middle, bottom or sidebar widget of the web page — or in any combination of these positions. You can enable the plugin to display affiliate product links in all 4 of these spots if you like.

Your role in the process is simple: collect, spend and enjoy your resulting affiliate commissions. It couldn’t be easier!

Site Search Monetizer: Your Site Visitors + Their Searches = More Profits

How much cash is your site search page earning you right now?

If you’re like most webmasters, you probably answered either “none” or “I don’t know.” But it doesn’t have to be that way — and it shouldn’t be.

Your site search page could be a richly lucrative source of income for you. Are you wasting your opportunities to profit from this important page on your website? Well, don’t! We’ll show you an easy, almost effortless way to make the most of each and every visitor who decides to do a search on your website.

  • The plugin will use your visitor’s search phrase to query’s database and find products relating to the search your visitor performed.
  • Then the plugin will instantly generate your affiliate links for you. There’s no need to log in to, or even visit Amazon at all. You won’t have to spend time comparing products or puzzling over which items to show your visitors. The plugin automatically handles these tasks and decisions for you, and it draws on Amazon’s algorithms for the product recommendations. We’ve found that Amazon does a fantastic job of picking relevant, enticing products. With this plugin enabled, you’ll have a chance to make affiliate commissions you would never have earned otherwise.
  • In addition to the usual contents of your website search page, your visitor will see a list of relevant products available for sale on Amazon. When you set up the plugin, you can choose whether the products will be displayed at the top of the site search page, the bottom of the page or both.
  • After the plugin is set up, all this will happen with no involvement from you. It runs on autopilot. The only work you’ll have to do to make it happen? Collect and spend the affiliate commissions the plugin sends your way.

This plugin allows you to extend your website’s coverage, without doing any additional work. If your visitors are searching for things you haven’t covered on your website yet, the plugin works to your benefit by showing them related product offers that could meet their needs. This helps you to avoid lost opportunities — even if your website is new, or you haven’t been able to keep it updated as often as you’d like to.

If you want to take your earnings to the next level, Site Search Monetizer provides reporting you can use to understand more about what your visitors are searching for, and to discover the specific search queries motivating them to click through. This can give you all kinds of ideas for additional ways to increase your earnings. So if you want to take more of a hands-on role in your website monetization efforts, you can use this data to discover even more ways to boost profits, optimize your content creation strategy and enrich your users’ experiences on your website.

Pricing Breakdown

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System Requirements

A WordPress Plugin

Easy Monetizer performs well with all web browsers and can be used on mobile platforms as well. Site Search Monetizer is a WordPress plugin engineered to work with WordPress 3.6 – 4.2.26