3 Surprising Weight Loss Tips (without) Easy Monetizer

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First here is a quickie on the basic principle of balancing your nutrition.

In order to optimize your metabolic rate, you must ensure your caloric intake is not overloading your body’s ability to remove the excess fat. Once you achieve your desired weight you can increase your caloric intake if your daily lifestyle and exercise routine allow for this.


  1. You can’t simply just count calories because your body assimilates various nutrition based on not only the quality of the fuel you feed your body, but also based on the combinations of combined nutrition you ingest.

  3. Understand as well that the quality of the nutrition you ingest is also greatly affected by the other free radicals present in your environment plus the chemicals you ingest, inhale or apply to your skin, including pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics and other industrial products.

  5. The simplest solution to combat aging and disease is to avoid as much toxicity as possible which can be partially achieved by eating all organic foods, detoxing at intervals and replacing all your cosmetic and household product with safe natural, organic alternatives.

With brief explanation, are you ready to learn 3 surprising facts about weight loss that go contrary to modern thought.

#1 Surprise

Sorry to burst your bubble, but anything with chemicals and preservatives inside, no matter how many times the advertising company who is paid by the manufacturer tells you it is good for you, they are lying.

#2 Surprise

All the processed Oils the manufacturers are telling you are good for you, are junk, like Canola oil.

Use only raw organic coconut oil or raw organic olive oil which actually speeds up your metabolism and is very healthy for you.


#3 Surprise

There are many natural healthy healing alternatives for almost all pharmaceutical drugs, considering they were originally derived from natrual herbs and then heavily modified with other synthetic chemicals and gmo material so they can be patented. These are wreaking havoc on your body’s metabolic system.