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Owners & Developers of Monetize A Site WordPress Plugins
Mike and Amy are location independent enterpreneurs who enjoy the freedom the Internet marketing lifestyle  offers. We are your hosts at Monetizeasite.com, and we’re here to teach you what we’ve learned about monetizing websites and using the proceeds to live the life you’ve always wanted.

This website is owned and maintained by Michael and Amy Solovay. We’re two Internet marketers who love the freedom that comes along with being our own bosses and creating our own schedules.

We enjoy taking full advantage of the benefits our location-independent lifestyle has to offer. As cruising sailors who live aboard a sailboat, we’re able to travel to interesting places, eat well, and generally live our lives to the fullest extent possible.

Before we embarked on our Internet marketing adventures, we both pursued careers working for others. Michael found success as a sales and marketing manager, and Amy enjoyed a successful career in textile design.

Our careers left us with almost no time to spend together. Amy was working 12 hour days, and on top of that, she had a total daily commute time of 2-3 hours. She enjoyed her work, but realized she was spending more time with her co-workers than she was spending with her own husband.

When we reflected on our lives and where we were headed, we decided we were on the wrong path. Both of us wanted to spend more time together. We’re not opposed to working hard, but we also wanted to be able to travel together, have more fun and enjoy spending time together.

We discussed various strategies for changing the status quo so we could make those wishes a reality. As it turns out, the ideas that sounded craziest were the ones that seemed to offer us the best opportunities: leaving the corporate world behind, starting our own business together, and living aboard a sailboat.

We took the leap of faith, and as a result, we’re having the adventures of our lives. Things don’t always go smoothly, and we don’t pretend to have everything figured out — but we do know this: People often tell us, “We envy you. We want to learn how to do what you’re doing.”

So, that’s what this website is all about. It’s dedicated to all of you who have ever wanted more freedom to live life on your own terms. Whether you want to travel, spend more time with your loved ones, sleep in more often, play more, get out of debt or simply have more creative control over your work — our plan is to share what we’ve learned about monetizing websites, and using the proceeds to design a lifestyle worth living.

We wish your all the best on your own personal journey to success. We look forward to having the opportunity to get to know you, and we hope you will join us in whichever capacities best meet your needs: as a newsletter subscriber, as a customer of our WordPress plugins, as an affiliate or simply as a reader of our tips and advice for Internet marketers. Here’s to your success!

Best regards,

Mike & Amy