Common questions

    1. Question: My business model includes flipping websites for profit. I’d like to sell some websites with your plugins enabled. Is it possible for me to buy a developer’s license?

      Answer: We welcome your business! There’s no need to buy a developer’s license — and no additional expense in that regard if your website sale is successful. Our terms of service allow you to transfer a website and plugin subscription to the new website owner if all the necessary terms and conditions are met. Simply contact support if you sell your site and let us know, and we will assist you with the transfer.

    2. Question: Many datafeed tools take a percentage of their users’ affiliate commissions. Does monetizeasite.com do this?

      Answer: No. After you’ve paid for a subscription to use a Monetizeasite.com plugin(s), your affiliate commissions are all yours to keep as long as your subscription remains active. For webmasters who have engaged users, our plugin is actually far less expensive than the so-called “free” datafeed tools that don’t charge upfront fees, but take a high percentage of your affiliate commissions when you make sales.

    3. Question: Can I run google analytics or other analytics when I am using the Reporting Plus Module?

      Answer: Yes. Site Search Monetizer’s reporting system works seamlessly alongside other vendors’ plugins and / or analytics.

    4. Question: Do you support Amazon’s global ID functionality since my customers are in the UK?

      Answer: Yes. The settings panel allows for changing to any of the following Amazon global IDs:

      • Amazon US
      • Amazon UK
      • Amazon Canada
      • Amazon Germany
      • Amazon France
      • Amazon India
      • Amazon Italy
      • Amazon Japan
      • Amazon Spain

      Should Amazon offer more in the future, the system will be updated in the form of an upgrade.

    5. Question: Do you offer categories, and subcategory nodes for Amazon affiliate links?

      Answer: No. We experimented extensively and the best results were continuously returned from setting the category structure to All and applying the proper sort filter.

    6. Question: Is your shopping cart hosted at monetizeasite.com?

      Answer: Yes. monetizeasite.com is our secure SSL Credit Card processing site owned and operated by us. Shop with confidence.

    7. Question: If I decide to cancel my subscription, can I continue to run the plugins?

      Answer: No. You are required to maintain an active subscription if you want to continue using our plugins.

    8. Question: How many demo versions can I install?

      Answer: You can install the demo on as many sites as you like, but you have a combined limit of 500 feed impressions before the demo expires. Note that you will not earn any commissions while the demo is active on your site(s); the sole purpose of the demo is to show you how the plugins work.

    9. Question: What is your refund policy?

      Answer: Subscriptions are non-refundable except in the unlikely event support is unable to resolve a problem that is directly related to the plugin itself, and doesn’t originate from the user’s computer, os, browser, provider, host, wordpress installation or other third party software, scripts or related add ons.

    10. Question: Is the Site Search Monetizer WP Plugin compatible with other search enhancer plugins for WordPress?

      Answer: Yes we are compatible with other search enhancer plugins. Our plugin uses the basic search functionality of WordPress, and we expect that some of our users may wish to use other plugins that enhance this functionality.

      Originally we incorporated some improved search functionality into our plugin, but opted to remove it and keep the basic WordPress search functionality. This was based on that fact we believe each site owner may want a different type of search, and it made no sense to try and guess / maintain all of these needs. Our goal is to monetize your search, and not be the actual search engine itself.

      If you’re in this game to make money, be aware some search enhancer plugins might actually decrease your chances of increasing earnings with this plugin. For example if you run a jQuery style plugin that returns the actual WP Posts on your site in the search bar while your customer types, you will bypass the search page and your user will never have the opportunity to be exposed to your affiliate / CPC, CPM and other custom code offerings.

    11. Question: Do I need to know HTML, CSS, PHP or Javascript to use your plugins?

      Answer: No. No coding knowledge is required. Just upload the plugins, enable them and you are ready to monetize.

      With both the Easy Monetizer plugin and the Site Search Monetizer plugin, your theme’s CSS stylesheet will handle the plugin’s styling for you.

    12. Question: Will the Easy Monetizer plugin help me grow my website traffic?

      Answer:Click here to find the answer to this question.