How to Make Money Blogging

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What is Blogging?

A blog in an online venue / template that allows a writer to share their thoughts, ideas and expertise on a topic(s) much like maintaining a journal in a notebook

Just like a journal, entries are time based (Month/Day/Year) and thus the content is often based on current events.

What is Blogging Software

There are 2 kinds of Blog Software:

  1. Software you host on your own server.
  2. Software that is hosted on a third party server.

What is better, hosting a blog on your own server or a third party server?

Advantages of hosting a blog on your own server:

  1. If the third party company is purchased, or closes its doors, your blog remains intact and your profits continue.
  2. A self hosted blog allows for much greater control over all facets of the blog, including the look of the blog, theme, plugins used etc.
  3. A self hosted blog allows the owner to keep their traffic and more sensitive data better protected as it will not be shared with the third party blog hosting company and their affiliates.

Disadvantage of hosting a blog on your own server:

  1. It is more expensive to self host, since you need to purchase a domain name and hosting.
  2. There is a more intensive learning curve required to set up a self hosted blog, which in turn is based on how internet savvy your are to start with?

Stay Tuned for our Next Post if you Want to Start Making Money with Blogging

In our next post we will begin to get into more details on the actual process with a quick tutorial of all the steps required to actually setup your first self hosted Blog. From there its all about content, SEO and properly monetizing your site!

If you are actively looking for work, set up a blog now and while you are are searching for job opportunities blog each day. If you work at it hard, like a real job, you will get results. Even if you find a job, this could be excellent hobby income if you only work on it occasionally when you have free time.

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