How We Increased Our Affiliate Commissions During the Summer Slump

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There’s a reason e-tailers and retailers grumble about the summer slump every year. For many entrepreneurs, the summer months bring dismal sales, and even bleaker profits. This has been an issue for us as well, as many of our affiliate websites experience a definite slump in traffic, sales and commissions every summer.

This year, however, we’ve figured out a way to increase our affiliate commissions — without generating any more traffic to our sites than usual. The result: we’re not “slumping” as much as we typically do in the earnings department, a trend which we’re definitely excited about.

For us, July is one of the slowest months of the year for traffic and sales. In addition many of our sites are difficult to monetize due to the fact many of our website visitors are information seekers rather than buyers.

One of the lessons we’ve learned over the years: You’ll usually earn more at affiliate marketing if you focus on attracting buyers rather than information seekers. However, this was something we didn’t understand or focus on in our earliest days of website building. As a result, we own many websites that attract a visitor base that’s primarily made up of information seekers.

This aside we have been successful in turning some of our most difficult-to-monetize sites into money makers with the Easy Monetizer WordPress plugin. In the past, it used to be too time-consuming for us to build bunches of affiliate links in every page or post. We had to be pretty selective about the links we would build, and the pages we would create.

Thanks to Easy Monetizer, our affiliate linking on these sites is now automated — and we have the option to easily monetize each page and post without taking any extra time to do it. This has made a significant difference in the number of sales we’re pulling in — even on our sites that don’t get much summertime traffic. We’re maximizing the traffic we do get, and making it work for us.

This is a strategy that you could be using too! If you’re building content-based websites, whether they are e-commerce focused sites or informational sites, you have an excellent chance of making money with our plugins.

We have recently been testing for conversion, and this summer so far we have seen conversion rates as high as 6%. This is an exceptional conversion rate for our seasonal, information-based sites, which usually do not convert at all over the summer.

We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of results we’ll be able to achieve during the fourth quarter, our best time for sales.

If you aren’t successfully monetizing your site(s) or are still waiting to jump into the game, we invite you to give the Easy Monetizer plugin a try. It’s really easy to use, and it does an outstanding job of converting visitors into buyers. It’s working for us, and could help you beat the summer slump too.