Monetize Site Search Using Affiliate Links

Site Search Monetizer Features:

  • Use this plugin to display relevant Amazon affiliate products at the top or bottom of your website’s search page results, or in both spots together.
  • No time, energy or brainpower is required on your part. You don’t have to waste hours, days or weeks picking products to post. The Site Search Monetizer Amazon module harnesses the power of Amazon’s proprietary search algorithms — and you already know that Amazon has mastered the art of product suggestions. The result: your visitors will see a selection of enticing products that they’ll want to click through and buy — and other than turning the plugin on and configuring it, you don’t have to do anything else to make that happen.
  • The plugin builds all your affiliate links for you, working lightning fast behind the scenes. All this takes place independently of your page’s load time. If there’s ever a time when the Amazon’s server experiences a slight delay, it won’t affect the speed your page delivers its content to your visitors.
  • Currently the Amazon Edition is the first release of this plugin. In the future, we have plans to support other networks including Avantlink, Commission Junction, Linkshare & Ebay Partner Network.
  • The top and bottom ad slot allow you to choose the following display options:
  • Amazon GeoTargeting Options are available:
  • Select either an Amazon Text or Display styled ad to appear.
  • Select either a product slider, or product scroll box.
  • Product Slider:

    Product Scroll:

  • Keyword inclusion is an optional feature you can use to ensure the Amazon product feed results stay on topic for your website. Take advantage of this feature to add any keyword(s) or phrase to be appended to the visitors search term(s). For example if you have a site all about Model-T cars, your visitor will most likely leave out the words Model-T in their search. You can add the words Model-T to this field so the results returned have the best chance of appealing to your visitor, and enticing a clickthrough. The visitor does not see these appended keywords in their search on your WordPress site, and they do not affect the local page search results. They are purely for the benefit of better tailoring your product feed’s search results and are not duplicated in the case you visitor does add these words.
  • Enter a minimum and maximum price to filter your search results.
  • Enter a custom header in your Top and Bottom Ad slots or leave it blank if you like.

Check out the intelligent dashboard loaded into your Site Search Monetizer settings page so you can get all your work done without ever leaving your WP admin panel.

Want to see a demo of Site Search Monetizer Amazon Edition running on our site? Click here.