Monetize Your Entire Site Using Affiliate Links

Easy Monetizer Features:

  • Use this plugin to display relevant Amazon affiliate products at the top, middle and bottom or your website’s content and / or in a sidebar widget.
  • No time, energy or brainpower is required on your part. You don’t have to waste hours, days or weeks picking products to post. Easy Monetizer Amazon module harnesses the power of Amazon’s proprietary search algorithms — and you already know that Amazon has mastered the art of product suggestions. The result: your visitors will see a selection of enticing products that they’ll want to click through and buy — and other than turning the plugin on and configuring it, you don’t have to do anything else to make that happen.
  • The plugin builds all your affiliate links for you, working lightning fast behind the scenes. All this takes place independently of your page’s load time. If there’s ever a time when the Amazon’s server experiences a slight delay, it won’t affect the speed your page delivers its content to your visitors.
  • Currently the Amazon Edition is the first release of this plugin. In the future, we have plans to support other networks including Avantlink, Commission Junction, Linkshare & Ebay Partner Network.
    • The top, middle and bottom ad slot options allow you to turn on or off the integrated affiliate products:

    • Amazon GeoTargeting Options are available:

    • Select either an Amazon Text or Display styled ad to appear.

    • Select either a product slider, or product scroll box.

Product Slider:

Product Scroll:

    • Want a sidebar product widget? Go to your Menu->Appearance->Widgets and drag our Easy Monetizer Vertical Sidebar widget into your sidebar of choice You can enter a custom title if you like as well.

    • Site Keyword Description helps focus the product results returned by Amazon, especially in cases where your site isn’t that rich in keywords or lengthy content. Keep it simple and broad, but experiment with it. We find this combination with our other algorithms produces superior results over using the standard Amazon category / node system.

    • Enter a minimum and maximum price to filter your search results.

    • Ads on Home & Front Page allows you to turn on and off your affiliate product sliders or scroll boxes on the home page if it is static or blog posts.

    • Post / Page Exclude IDs allows you to completely remove all affiliate product sliders and scroll boxes based on the actual id of the page or post. These ids need to be separated by commas and there is no limit.

    • Enter a custom header in your Top, Middle and Bottom Ad slots or leave it blank if you like.

Want to see a demo of Easy Monetizer Amazon Edition running our site? Click here.