Monetize A Site Affiliate Program

Want Us to Send You Money?

It’s simple: you refer new customers to us. We pay you a recurring commission on each sale. Everyone wins!

  • You can earn some serious cash with this program.
  • Your website visitors get smart new tools to monetize their websites, enhance their businesses, make better decisions, and ultimately make more money online.
  • We get new customers and new opportunities to do what we love best — helping people earn more income on the Internet.

Why Join the Affiliate Program?

  • Earn high commissions — 30% of each sale! And since we offer our affiliates recurring commissions, it means that every time we get paid, the affiliate who referred the sale also gets paid. When you refer us a new customer, you keep getting paid over, and over, and over again — for as long as that customer keeps renewing his or her license to use the plugin.
  • 60 day cookie duration.
  • Automated payouts are made monthly, on the 20th of each month, with no minimum payment threshold.
  • For affiliates in the USA, there are 3 different ways to get paid: direct deposit, Paypal or credit to your Mastercard or Visa based debit card — only available for US account holders. Payments are made via popular and reputable credit card processing companies. All sensitive data is stored only on their servers for security.
  • International affiliates are welcome in this program. Payments to affiliates outside the USA are made via Paypal.
  • A variety of creatives are available including text links and banners in all standard sizes. Datafeed coming soon.
  • Metrics available, so you can see at a glance how many sales you’ve referred.
  • Support, suggestions, an education center and an informative newsletter packed with tips and hints to help you succeed with promoting (and using!) the plugin suite.
  • This is a brand new program, so you have a chance to get in on the
    ground floor — beat out other affiliates for the best rankings in the SERPs.

Note that there is a 30 day lock period. Commission will not be paid on fraudulent orders, chargebacks, cancelled or refunded orders.

How to Sign Up for the Monetize A Site Affiliate Program

There are two ways to sign up:

More About the Affiliate Program:

Get Started Earning Affiliate Commissions:

  1. Simply click the Activate Referral Link check box and you can start earning affiliate money right away.
  2. Click the program details to land here and see it all.
  3. Note: By activating the program (clicking the checkbox and saving your changes) you agree to the terms of the Monetize A sSite Affiliate Program.
  4. The terms are here, and you can scroll through them, or click the PRINT / ENLARGE link for a full size copy for ease of reading / printing.

  1. Now that you have activated the checkbox and clicked the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page, additional options are now available.
  2. Click the Links & Banners link for a wide array of affiliate creatives. These tools will allow you to run more targeted affiliate campaigns.
  3. Enjoy realtime reporting that is always available here in your settings page for both Click Through & Sales Reporting.
  4. This is an example of your Click Through Reporting. It displays each visitor’s Date, IP, Referrer & Page that your attached Affiliate Link occured on. This can be very useful for you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign(s).

  • Once your account is activated, anytime you like you can enter either a US Debit Card (that uses Mastercard or Visa) or US Bank Account into our secure SSL page to receive payments. We do not charge any additional banking fees or other hidden fees, thus your 30% earned all belongs to you.

  1. After your transfer payment method is setup, notice the confirmation. Feel free to change your information if need be. You will be alerted by email every time you enter new information.
  2. You payment past history and future payouts based on lock dates will always be available to you in your settings panel by various preset date ranges.

The Monetize A Site Affiliate Program offers an extremely lucrative commission payout, with unique and competitively priced products.

Enjoy real-time affiliate program reporting directly from your WordPress settings panel. Combine this with easy instant approval and professional creatives, you have all the tools you need to succeed.

Click here for a printable version of the Monetize A Site Affiliate Program Terms.

Join our affiliate program without purchasing a copy of our plugin by clicking here.