Our products were all created with one purpose in mind: helping you monetize your website. We offer tools that are designed to make affiliate marketing quick, easy, stress free and profitable. Check ’em out!

WordPress Plugins

Easy Monetizer — If you plan to monetize your website using affiliate marketing, this plugin is going to save you huge amounts of time. The concept is simple:

  • You set up a WordPress website and create some great content for it — perhaps web pages, blog posts, videos, audio files, infographics, pictures, tutorials, reviews or whatever other type of content you might want to create.
  • You install the Easy Monetizer plugin, enable it and customize a few options. For most users, the entire installation process takes only a few minutes.
  • The plugin will harness the power of’s product search and product suggestion algorithms to find a variety of products to display on your blog posts and website pages.
  • The plugin will build affiliate links for you, instantly and behind the scenes. You don’t have to visit Amazon; you don’t have to build links; you don’t have to make updates to correct prices or remove outdated products. The plugin automates all this for you.
  • You can cross affiliate link building and link maintenance off your to-do list, and focus your energies on the things that matter most: perhaps creating new content, promoting your site or starting another new niche site. Or perhaps you’d rather forget about work, and use the time you saved on having more fun — traveling, spending time with your family and friends, or enjoying a night out on the town.

For most website owners, this plugin is going to be more cost effective than outsourcing your product curation, affiliate link building and link maintenance to virtual assistants, employees or freelancers. On average, the plugin costs much less than outsourced labor does — and with this solution you won’t have to spend any time managing and communicating with VAs.

Site Search Monetizer — If you have a WordPress based website that attracts engaged traffic, this plugin is about to become an essential part of your monetization strategy:

  • All you have to do is upload it, turn it on and customize a few options (all of which takes about 3 minutes).
  • After the plugin is enabled, you’re all set for monetizing your site search. Any time a visitor searches your website, the plugin will take action to help your visitor find interesting affiliate products — along with the relevant information they are seeking on your site.
  • From there, the plugin will query’s database using your visitor’s search phrase.
  • The plugin will automatically, instantaneously find products that are likely to appeal to your visitor, based on the specific search terms s/he used for searching your website.
  • If there are search results available on your site for your visitor to look at, the plugin will display the Amazon affiliate products in an attractive slider or scroller (depending on the format you chose at setup) along with the relevant search results.
  • If there are no search results available, the plugin will display your product results in an attractive modal, with an invitation to your visitor to either try another search or check out the related products.
  • The plugin will automatically collect your site search data for you, and will organize the data into valuable reports you can use for optimizing your website, fine-tuning your content creation strategy, and increasing your profits.