Site Search Monetizer 3 Minute Setup

Let’s Go:

You should have received an email after your order containing the download link(s) to your plugin.

Your plugins are licensed to run on as many websites as you need. Please remember you pay based on visitor traffic for the license keys associated with the plugins attached to your account, so do not distribute your copies unless you are very generous and have extremely deep pockets.

Your download links expire after 2 downloads, so make a backup of your copy and put it in a safe place.

We think you will find the whole process intuitive and lightning fast.

OK, so you have your new Site Search Monetizer Plugin on your computer’s hard drive, so login into your WordPress and click Plugings -> Add New

Click Upload Plugin at the top of your screen.

Click Browse also at the top of the screen to find the plugin on your hard drive. It will be zip file with a long string, i.e.

Select the file and click open.

Now Click Install Now.

Now Click Activate Plugin.

Now go to Settings. One option is located next to the Activation / Deactivation link, or you casn use the convenient left navigation menu bar.

Settings->Search Monetizer

Ok, even if you have slow trigger finger, my timer says 1 minute 30 seconds.

First, select None or Amazon ads to appear in the Top Ad Slot.

Second, select None or Amazon ads to appear in the Bottom Ad Slot.

Third, enter Amazon Associate ID. (i.e. your affiliate ID)

Finally, save the changes.

That’s it! Done. Lightning fast, and your Amazon affiliate links are ready for action.

Note: If you have a custom menu running with the checkbox enabled to: Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu, remember to remove the page called “No Search Results Found” from your cusstom menu bar. Do not delete the page, it is automatically created and used by the Site Search Monetizer plugin. If you are using a Page widget to show all your pages, remember to exclude this page ID from the widget tool.

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