Site Search Monetizer Reports Plus

Site Search Monetizer is the best WordPress plugin for detailed reporting that focuses specifically on monetizing internal search.

Imagine the power of knowing all your aggregate search keywords your visitors were using on your own site search.

This data is powerful, an absolute must and here is how you use it:

    1. If your visitors are looking for something, do you have content on the topic?
    2. If you have content, after evaluating it, you can opt to create new content and / or enhance your existing content to fill all the gaps?
    3. Is this content properly monetized. Now that you know visitors are on your site interested in specific content, you can focus on maximizing its revenue potential?
    4. Is your visitor having a hard time navigating and that is why they are searching. For example, if you have a lot of content on the topic they are searching for, may be it is difficult to get to it, or the navigation to it should be made more prominent.
    5. If keywords are trending, you will know and can take action.

Check out the Reports Plus demo for this site.

The actual plugin will display these results in your Site Search Monetizer settings page and is also available as a dashboard widget if you activate this feature in your settings control panel.